RSV 4
   F 800ST
   S 1000RR
   F 800R

Tech Tips



1.    Fit all parts togeather on a bench or garage floor so it makes sense "what goes where".

     2.  Install the collector (header) to the engine…leave nuts & bolts loose.


     3.    ON THE BENCH, connect the midpipe to the mufflers… turn system over, connect & bolt up the backing plate…leave loose.



4.    Now take the assembled mufflers, backing plate & midpipe & attach to the collectors on the bike.


     5.Align & tighten all bolts.


Note:  Full systems may not require a midpipe


Midpipe only, Brutale: When installing just the midpipe, remove the mufflers first, connect the midpipe to the collectors, then reinstall the mufflers.